About Us

APM Engineering is a privately owned Australian company that has been servicing the mining, power generation, quarrying & engineering industries since 1990.

Our warehouse and manufacturing facility is located in Tomago NSW, close to major transport corridors. This ensures prompt and efficient delivery to our customers.

APM offer our customers a comprehensive and diverse range of innovative, high quality products, supported by our renowned high customer service focus.

What sets APM apart from our competitors is the extensive range of value added services to compliment the products supplied. We have the experience and ability to identify and redesign components used at the “coal face” to enhance safety, efficiency and productivity.

Meet George, Lachlan and Ross. We are available to discuss any enquiries or to solve problems with an innovative solution.

APM has an integrated Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our team of experienced staff are committed to building close working relationships with our clients, understanding their operation and requirements.

Our philosophy is to provide a complete and comprehensive service to our Customers. We look forward to joining “your team” as a supplier, expanding our businesses together. 

APM is focused on being our customer`s first point of contact when safety, efficiency, productivity and downtime improvements are required.

George Salmon

George has been in this industry for too many years to mention but a long time. He has the reputation of coming up with practical solutions that in the end make you look good. Many would say he has the old no-nonsense approach to getting things done.

While George prefers his weekends to kick back with a couple of beers with family and friends. He is always available should an emergency arise.

George  02 4964 9766  admin@apmengineering.com.au

Ross Edwards

Ross Edwards is the man on the ground and on the phone. Ross’s affable manner and experience will put your mind at rest knowing you are in safe hands. His focus is providing the best service, meeting his customers’ expectations and delivering over and beyond those expectations. He understands the demands and costs associated with production shut downs.

Ross is Dad to three very active kids and enjoys his weekends spending time outside with his family.

Ross   02 4964 9766   admin@apmengineering.com.au

Lachlan Salmon

Yes you may have guessed he is George’s son. From a young age he has been exposed to this business and has been through the school of hard knocks with George’s exacting standards. Lachlan runs the warehouse and production side of things. He manages the workers on the floor, who enjoy the sense of camaraderie at APM.

He is a proud young Dad who is raising the next in line to APM.

Lachlan   02 4964 9766   admin@apmengineering.com.au

Give us a call and speak to us directly.

02 4964 9766